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Post-September GBM Discussion

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Comment your thoughts on September's GBM below! Feel free to talk about things you learned from Emily, how this might relate to your own career path or interests, or thoughts you have in general regarding the GBM and its structure! If you would like to earn 0.5 attendance point for this event, please write at least 200 words.

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The September GBM was super insightful and interesting. It was amazing to listen to Emily White speak about her incredible experiences at a variety of technology companies and business firms, and how she helped build not only these companies, but her career. I loved how she was able to expand her skills in a variety of industries, pursuing more finance related things with her work at Anthos Capital, and also tapping into the more technological and creative aspects of business at companies such as Google and Snapchat. While I enjoyed hearing about her successful experiences, I also would have loved to hear more about some of the struggles or road blocks she had during her career. I thought it was…

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