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Featured Past Events 2021-22

Diversified Industries

Women of CHANEL: The Business of High Fashion

Interested in fashion? Join us to hear from a panel of Duke alumni currently working at CHANEL, plus a member of CHANEL’s recruiting team, to learn about the company and the high fashion business!

Alumni Relations

Duke BOW In Series: DC

Ever wondered what it's like to live and work in DC? Come to the Duke BOW in Series: DC event to learn more from BOW alumni who are currently in the city! Topics covered include budgeting, cost of living, social scene, safety, and lifestyle recommendations.

Professional Development

AI-Powered Salary Negotiations with Ben Cook

Everything is a negotiation. Duke alum Ben Cook is a negotiations expert and COO of Riva, a venture-backed fintech startup. Riva provides tools for closing the "negotiation gap" and has helped thousands of people claim an extra $20k on average. Join Ben for a chat with groundbreaking advice on salary negotiations, promotions, job changes, developing valuable expertise, and identifying where you m

Community Engagement

Monthly Dinners: Mixed Majors

Can't decide what you want to major in? Join BOW upperclassmen and hear about their unique and interesting majors! This is a great opportunity to learn about possible options before you have to decide your own major, meet BOW upperclassmen in a casual setting and make new friends!


Goldman Sachs Virtual Info Session

Interested in learning more about Goldman Sachs? Join BOW to get all your questions answered about what working at Goldman Sachs is all about, as well as to meet some GS representatives.

Business in Tech

Intro to Tech: Venture Capital

Interested in Venture Capital? Join three Duke alums all working in the Venture Capital industry (Innovation Endeavors, Scale Venture Partners, and Atlas Ventures) to learn more about what it is, how to break in, and their experience thus far!


Timeline to Consulting

Interested in consulting? Come join a panel of BOW upperclassmen who have successfully recruited for and worked in consulting to hear about their time at Duke. Panelists will be sharing about the clubs they were in, classes they took, summer programs they did, and more!

Social Impact

Microfinance with KIVA

If you're interested in impact investing or microfinance, join us with Emma Aller and Kristina Schwartz from KIVA! KIVA is an international nonprofit that has loaned $1.1 billion to 2.5 million underresourced people. Come to learn about the microfinance industry, corporate social responsibility, and making an impact!


Q&A with Balanced Co-Founder and CEO, Kelly Froelich

Want to learn more about the business of fitness? Join us for a Q&A with Kelly Froelich, co-founder and CEO of Balanced (and former BOW member!). Balanced is an online platform that offers group exercise classes for older adults, aiming to make fitness more accessible and exciting for seniors. Kelly launched the platform last summer and has since raised over $6 million in funding. This is a great opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship in fitness and Kelly’s journey to starting the platform!

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