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What We Do

BOW’s vast alumni network is one of our most valuable assets by far. With more than 500 alumni in over 50 cities across the world, our network includes highly motivated and high-achieving women employed in a wide variety of professional fields. BOW’s fundamental purpose is to prepare Duke women with the confidence and skills necessary to pursuing a career in business, and our incredible alumni are walking examples of just how impactful BOW can be. Not only do our alumni excel in their careers, but they are also committed to mentoring current BOW members and continuing to learn and grow as professionals. Be it through our Alumni Mentorship Program, General Body Meeting alumni panels, or Diversity & Inclusion alumni forums, our alumni never disappoint and we could not be more grateful for their engagement.

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Where We Are

Want to Learn More or Get Involved?

Our team is at your service! Our VP of Alumni Relations is Crystal Bai. Please do not hesitate to email  or if you have any questions or want to get involved!

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Interested in a particular firm or company?

 Here are just some of the many places where our alumni are currently employed. 

Alumni Spotlight Series

Our Alumni Spotlight Series features a different BOW alum each month in hopes of showcasing the incredible accomplishments of our alumni and passing down words of wisdom to current members. Featuring both recent graduates and seasoned professionals, our Alumni Spotlight Series serves as an invaluable source of inspiration to current members and a reminder that there is no one path to success. You can find all of our Alumni Spotlight Series posts here!

Alumni Mentorship Program

Our Alumni Mentorship Program offers a unique opportunity for BOW members to connect with and learn from our accomplished alumni. We understand that many students enter Duke uncertain as to what career they want to pursue; different industries recruit at different times, and when you’re not even sure what field you’re interested in, the search process can feel highly overwhelming. While BOW provides a plethora of resources to introduce members to various industries, the Alumni Mentorship Program is distinct in that it grants members direct insight into an industry from alumni who have been in a similar position before. We believe the best way to learn and grow is by having role models who are genuinely invested in your success, and that’s exactly the dynamic that this program fosters between BOW members and alumni.

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