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Post-April GBM Discussion

Do you have lingering thoughts after the April GBM? Are there topics you want to discuss in deeper detail with your fellow BOW members? Do you have ideas for future GBMs? Log on to and submit a comment on Sanyin’s spotlight!

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I greatly enjoyed attending the April GBM, as the guest speaker, Sanyin Siang, was both engaging and inspiring. Siang opened the discussion with a brief anecdote regarding obstacles she’s encountered over the course of her academic and professional careers. Here, Siang explained notable difficulties she faced as an undergraduate student, as she received D’s on several examinations. The failed assessments resulted in her losing her scholarship at the time. Although said consequence negatively impacted her collegiate experience, it prompted Siang to alter her outlook on the world.

Siang realized that life was going to throw unforeseen curveballs at her, and she could either adapt to the changes or succumb to the losses. By exploiting the former, Siang has paved a…


This month’s GBM came at the perfect time in my journey at Duke. I had been studying for a few days for a test I needed to do really well on since I hadn’t done well in the last few that I had taken in many of my classes. I was anxious and tired, and Sanyin said all of the right things that I needed to hear that day. Her story about how she lost her scholarship and her life turned upside down put so much into perspective in my mind about the importance of one test. She is an extremely successful woman who is constantly looking to achieve and excel, but more importantly she is someone who has learned…


I really enjoyed this month’s GBM with Sanyin Siang for a number of reasons. Not only did I find Siang to have such an incredible story and immense motivation, but I also greatly appreciated her authenticity in sharing her background and experiences.

As my peers have also noted, one of the main components of Siang’s story that stood out to me was how she lost her scholarship after doing poorly in one of her classes. I remember Siang noting that she was devastated to have lost the scholarship, but it was deeper than that as well, as the scholarship—at that point in her life—was a core component to her identity.

I know that we are consistently reminded that it is…


I really enjoyed this month’s GBM with Sanyin Siang. Siang was engaging and inspiring throughout her presentation and imparted the BOW community with great advice and wisdom from her interesting and winding journey.

One of the points that stood out to me the most during the presentation was Siang’s transition from failure to success. After doing poorly in a class, Siang lost her undergraduate scholarship. I really appreciated how open, honest, and truthful Siang was in talking about this transition out of failure. She did not try and make it some cheesy story where she was quickly smiling. Rather, she was honest with the fact that it really did take her a long time to get over it. I also…


I am grateful I got the opportunity to listen to Sanyin Siang share her life experience at the April GBM. In several ways, I found myself grappling with the same issues she did during college, notably imposter’s syndrome at Duke. During my freshman year of college, I also had a challenging time in a STEM class and was worried that that would negatively impact me in the long run. Hearing Sanyin be vulnerable in how she overcame that trauma gave me some sense of relief that things will be ok.

Another element of her talk that I really resonated with was the topic of superpowers. When she asked her friend what Sanyin’s own talents were, the friend responded “You know…

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