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Post-October GBM Discussion

Comment your thoughts on October's GBM below! Feel free to talk about things you learned from Kelly, how this might relate to your own career path or interests, or thoughts you have in general regarding the GBM and its structure! If you would like to earn 1 attendance point for this event, please write at least 200 words.


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Kelly was an amazing choice for our GBM speaker this month. It seemed that everything Kelly has done in her life has been because she genuinely enjoyed it. Often times, people choose the career path that makes the most money, but is not necessarily the most enjoyable for them. I think Kelly showed that choosing the unknown, less stable path, can be more rewarding in the end. Moreover, it inspired me to hear that Kelly started essentially from the bottom and decided to add these new ventures into her life as she got older (such as her podcast). I've always wanted to get more involved in the creative industry by starting a podcast or auditioning for a TV show, but…


Oct 28, 2021

I thought that Kelly Corrigan was a really interesting choice for a GBM speaker. Although she is not necessarily someone I would consider a conventional businesswoman, I can now see clearly that she is an entrepreneur and female leader in the storytelling space. This was a unique perspective to bring to BOW, and as someone interested in diversified industries and entrepreneurship, I think it is important for speakers like Kelly to be represented in organization-wide events. It was truly helpful to see the importance of interpersonal skills and determination in any endeavor, whether raising capital or building a creative project.

I also thought it was inspiring to learn about how fascinated Kelly is by human connection, enough to build her…


I very much enjoyed hearing Kelly speak at the October GBM. One thing that really stood out to me was her discussion of confidence. I loved hearing about her mentality when she goes into meetings with people asking for money, and the passion she describes as necessary to getting the job done. She did an amazing job of detailing this confidence, while also infusing the conversation with humor. I remember her discussing her husband's comment that Kelly is unafraid to make big-asks of people and how she responded that as women, we need to be willing to make those bold proposals if we truly believe in something.

I was also touched by Kelly's discussion of work-life balance. As a woman…


I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear Kelly Corrigan speak again at this month’s GBM. I remember her speaking to BOW my freshmen year and being captivated by her energy, career path, and confidence. Since the last time I saw her speak, Kelly has published another book and is the host of the podcast, “Kelly Corrigan Wonders.” Kelly speaks with confidence in herself and passion for her career which has allowed her to connect with people from all walks of life.

Kelly advised us as undergraduates to “Fail Fast.” I interpreted this advice to have a twofold meaning: don’t be afraid to fail and don’t hesitate. Kelly reflected on an experience she recently had asking for millions of dollar…


I really enjoyed hearing Kelly speak about aspects of her life that aren't directly business related, yet are nonetheless impacted by her activity in business. For example, hearing about her father's role in her life was a beautifully tender moment to witness. I am really close with my father (as I have a single parent) and he has been a great source of both motivation and support for me, so this hit close to home. I also thought it was really inspiring to see how much she lit up when she talked about her job and how tangible her passion is. I thought it was cool how she said so many people have writing a book on their bucket list,…

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