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Post-November GBM Discussion

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Comment your thoughts on November's GBM below! Feel free to talk about things you learned from Sonali and her work at The Bridgespan Group, how this might relate to your own career path or interests, or thoughts you have in general regarding the GBM and its structure! If you would like to earn 1 attendance point for this event, please write at least 150 words.


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I really enjoyed listening to Sonali speak about Social Impact Consulting. I have always been particularly interested in the ways that business and giving back interact. Learning about consulting in the non-profit field was particularly interesting and inspiring. It was really cool to hear about the work she did in India and the travel opportunities she had. I also loved how Sonali discussed the struggles she faced in balancing the demands of motherhood and a career. This is a topic that I feel like deserves more discussion among females with large career aspirations something I have seen one of my biggest female role models, my mom, struggle with. Finally, I appreciated how Sonali shared her that coming out of college…


Sonali’s talk was incredibly inspirational, informational, and personal. As someone who feels a drawing to the intersection between social impact and business, I enjoyed Sonali's description of her role at The Bridgespan Group. As I am beginning to explore the different business sectors, I found her explanation of the consulting space very helpful. Hearing her explain her previous cases helped me to better understand the field. I was particularly struck by her remark that the consulting space serves as a great launchpad for many different business fields. I also found Sonali’s discussion of her time at Bain & Company to be interesting, as it touched on a lot of the struggles that women have to endure in the workforce. I…


I really liked this GBM! Her journey of how she got to where she is now and all the challenges she faced along the way was very interesting to hear about, because I think a lot of us can see ourselves possibly following a similar path in the future. Her advice about finding the right mentor being more important than being at the right place really left an impact on me, because it reminds me that you can make the most of any experience at any place, as long as you find the right people to learn from. I also enjoyed the sample case study because I’ve always been curious about what consultants actually do, especially in the realm of…


I really enjoyed listening to Sonali's journey from Duke to where she is today. As someone who is also moving into the profession world soon, I thought the advice she gave about actively finding the right mentors in life was very interesting and I enjoyed listening to the anecdotes of the various roles they played in her life. It was encouraging to hear that she was able to maintain a form of work life balance while at Bain and pregnant, I respect her ability to be able to organise herself to do so. Professionally, I loved how she was able to talk to shifts in career and not having to know exactly what you want to do by the ti…


I am so glad that I had the opportunity to learn about Sonali’s experiences at Duke and after graduation. Consulting is an industry I hope to explore and it was interesting to learn about different types of consulting such as boutique consulting and her thoughts on each experience. I also enjoyed hearing about her time at Wharton as well as business school is something that I may want to pursue in the future. My favorite part of the discussion was when Sonali reflected on working at 60% for a couple of years. Although she acknowledged this was difficult, as it would be for anyone, I was impressed by how she persevered and continued to push herself even when her male…

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