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Post-March GBM Discussion

Comment your thoughts on March's GBM below! Feel free to talk about things you learned from Jamie, how this might relate to your own career path or interests, or thoughts you have in general regarding the GBM and its structure! If you would like to earn 1 attendance point for this event, please write at least 150 words.


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I really enjoyed this GBM. It is always inspiring to hear from such a successful and well-rounded woman in business. What I took away, primarily, from this GBM was the ways in which you can be passionate about your career path. I have so much admiration for Jaime for her ability to pursue her passions, and take a risk by starting her own business. I am also so excited to see the UpTick grow as I truly believe in its mission. It was striking to me how different men and women think and act when it comes to investing. I love that the UpTick specifically works to educate women on financial literacy to break down an intimidating process and provide…


I really enjoyed this GBM as it was both insightful and interesting. I loved hearing Jamie’s advice and feedback since she has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. I was surprised by the typical gender roles of men and women in financial services, but think Jamie did an amazing job explaining her opinions and drawing stories from her own experience. Ever since I entered Duke last semester and started talking to more upperclassmen I’ve been wanting to become more involved with the stock market, but I wasn’t even sure where to start! I am so glad that I found out about Uptick and I look forward to subscribing right away! I think that if I am…


I went to the pre-GBM dinner with Jamie because I was super interested in her work in advocating for financial literacy namely for women not in finance but stemming from a woman who was deeply entrenched in the industry. I asked her the question of whether she thinks that increasing financial literacy will shift the female personality accepted by the industry which currently is quite narrow. She said that the more women that get into finance in general, the quicker the stereotypes and perception of women who can be successful will change. I'm going into finance and I already invest but I definitely would not consider myself super financially literate yet so I've subscribed to The Uptick and am super…


I found this GBM super relevant and useful. Jamie has definitely done a lot of research and she described the perspectives of an average woman when in comes to finance and investment so well. I was initially stunned by the statistics that she showed, but later I realized that women’s lack of confidence in business is a real problem. She is experienced in giving talks on financial literacy and persuading women to be more engaged in business, as she explained things from women’s perspective rather than using jargons that scare people off. In addition, it was interesting to hear about her career trajectory, from the more traditional investment banking to entrepreneurship 20 years later. She was also super honest and…


I really enjoyed Jamie’s presentation on financial literacy because I have been working on increasing my financial literacy and have not always known where to start and/or what resources to use. I found her overview introduction to the topic to be very insightful, particularly her advice on how to become more engaged with the market though several strategies, including buying stocks, subscribing to The Uptick (which I already did 😀), and noting how news events inform market changes. I am very aware of the gender divide in financial literacy and really want to learn more to improve my own financial literacy. I found this to be one of my favorite GBMs, since I feel everyone who attended really learned (or…

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