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Post-January GBM Discussion

Comment your thoughts on January's GBM below! Feel free to talk about things you learned from Lydia, how this might relate to your own career path or interests, or thoughts you have in general regarding the GBM and its structure! If you would like to earn 1 attendance point for this event, please write at least 150 words.


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I enjoyed hearing from Lydia Fenet. In terms of the logistics, it was different how this GBM had much more time for questions than other GBMs. I think it would have been interesting if there was more of a prepared portion/slides/media. Since the world of Christie's and art and Lydia's work is so beyond what a typical Duke student is familiar with, I think it would have been interesting to see pictures or videos of what she does day-to-day. It would have been especially cool if we could get an in-depth look at the intense application process to become an Auctioneer. Or if we could have done some interactive activity to get into the "Auctioneer mindset."

In terms of the…


Lydia’s ability to engage a crowd makes it no question why she is so good at what she does. It was really interesting to delve into the career of auctioneering with her as I had never heard someone discuss what goes on behind the curtain. Moreover, hearing from a woman in a male dominated career is always both very informative as well as inspiring! My greatest take away from this very intriguing GBM was the fine tuning that goes such a long way when it comes to forging meaningful and impactful connections with the people we come in contact with, whether that be within our own networks or amongst a crowd of strangers. I also want to highlight how wonderful…


I was both inspired and entertained by Lydia Fenet’s presentation at this month's GBM! I was intrigued when I heard that BOW was hosting a professional auctioneer because the auction business is such a niche industry. However, while listening to Lydia speak, I realized that her experiences are representative of challenges facing women in all areas of business. The advice she gave was not only applied to the cooperate world, but also related to female empowerment in daily life. I found her insights on confident salary negotiation and finding ways to meld your true self into your cooperate self to be especially interesting. Her presence on Zoom was incredibly engaging (you can tell she has experience with crowds!). I also…


I am so glad I had the opportunity to hear Lydia speak during the GBM yesterday. Coming into the GBM I knew absolutely nothing about the field of auctioneering, so I was excited for BOW to give me a taste of an industry I was extremely unfamiliar with. I really enjoyed her lighthearted, funny manner in which she told stories about the field, but I think above all else I really enjoyed and cherished the advice she gave the audience. I think the advice she gave about the value of networking, never fearing negotiation and staying positive is applicable to any field – not just auctioneering. Specifically, I thought her advice about how it is never to early to network…


I absolutely loved listening to Lydia and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to attend the pre-GBM dinner as well. It was extremely inspiring to hear Lydia speak of such an unconventional career path in such a passionate manner. She encouraged me to think outside the box as I consider possible career paths. It was also incredible to hear of her experiences as a woman breaking into a male-dominated field, and with such remarkable success, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for charity. Her self-confidence and dedication to helping young women develop that same confidence is something I respect deeply, and I look forward to reading her book to gather more advice and hear more about her…

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