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DEI is a committee that aims to address the challenges that women face when entering the workplace and empowers them to identify and tackle these issues. We hope to bring to light the challenges that can differ for women from different backgrounds and how empowerment can look very different on an individual basis. Our committee works to partner with various diversity organizations on campus (Latin Business Organization, Black in Business, Duke Disability Alliance, Center for Multicultural Affairs, International Association, and more) to foster meaningful relationships with groups that understand and are tackling some of the same issues as us. Our goal is to make BOW an inclusive organization that is sensitive to these issues and proactive about making impactful change within BOW and in the workplace.


Melanie Dominguez Martinez

T'24, Economics, Data Science

Zahra Hassan

T'24, Economics, Public Policy, Art History


Alexia Jackson

T'24, Public Policy, Political Science

Kennede Lewin-Occenad

T'23, Economics, Finance concentration, Sociology Minor


Maya Todd

T'25, Economics and Neuroscience

WechatIMG5931 - Annie Cui.jpeg

Annie Cui

T'24, Public Policy and Economics


Kristina Wong

T'25, Environmental Science and Policy, Markets and Management Certificate

Sabrina Takemoto-Spraggins

T'25, Psychology and Economics Major

Ellie Reyna

T'26, Visual & Media Studies Major, Markets & Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificates

Miranda Zhao

T'25, Biology and Statistical Science Major

Yasmine Kaplan

T'26, Public Policy Major, Environmental Science and Policy Minor, Markets and Management Certificate

Gabby Rivadeneira

T'26, Public Policy Major, Creative Writing Minor, Markets and Management Certificate


  • TED Talk event: Why female founders get less funding from VCs

  • International student panel on how to best navigate the recruitment cycle during COVID and post-COVID

  • Race in Business discussions with Cornell and Harvard’s Society of Women in Business on the intersection of race and gender in the workplace

  • 2 racial bias trainings about inclusive leadership and implicit bias

  • Fireside chat with Dr. Valerie Anderson on her achievements as a first-generation student

  • DEI GBM featuring Dr. Ashleigh Rosette

  • TED Talk event: Intersection of disability and gender in the workplace

  • Fireside chat with Dean Sue on the female leadership gap

  • Mentorship dinner for BIPOC members

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