The Diversified Industries Committee works to ensure that all industries are represented on the BOW calendar. The Diversified Industries Committee represents the following industries: Marketing/Advertising/Consumer Goods, Communications/Sales/Public Relations/Journalism, Sports/Entertainment/Arts, Policy/Legal Services/NGOs, Healthcare, Fashion/Retail/Beauty and Hospitality/Food and Beverage. Each committee member is responsible for spearheading events, recruiting speakers, and building and providing BOW members with resources to succeed. The Diversified Industries Committee is committed to expanding the opportunities and resources within BOW to account for the diverse interests of BOW's members.


Cole Zaharris

T'21, Psychology, Markets & Management Certificate, Information Science Certificate


"After joining the Diversified Industries Committee last spring, I had the opportunity to learn from experienced business professionals, to plan events of my own, and to create an educational PowerPoint about the music industry. I love helping BOW members find their specific passions within the business world, and BOW’s Diversified Industries Committee enables me to do so!"

-Savanna Silver, T'23

Olalla Duato

T'22, Neuroscience, Psychology and Visual Media Studies minors

Katerina Kern

T'22, Psychology, History minor, Markets & Management Certificate

Juliette Mangini

T'22, Global Health and International Comparative Studies

Savanna Silver

T'23, Psychology, Visual Media Studies minor, Markets & Management Certificate

Elizabeth Wise

T'23, Psychology, Economics minor, Markets & Management Certificate

Lena Yannella

T'22, Philosophy, Russian