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Throughout the summer and fall semester, the Communications Committee launched several new initiatives, which include redesigning the BOW website, working with the membership team to expand BOW's recruitment outreach efforts, launching the BOW instagram and LinkedIn page, and producing new membership spotlight features.


Susan Feng

Abigail Kantor

T'24, Political Science, Markets and Management Certificate

Nya Williams

T'25, Major in Public Policy, Political Science & Economics Minor


Charlotte Gehring

T'25, English Major, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Sabina Taneja

T'25, Organizational Management and Policy, Computer Science Minor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Elizabeth Kim

T'25, Public Policy Major

Manasvi Reddy

T'25, Public Policy Major, Biology and Chemistry Minor

Meredith Sims

T'25, Public Policy Major, History Minor, Markets and Management Certificate

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