The SBC Committee develops and executes all aspects of the BOW Spring Business Conference (SBC). There are two main goals of the committee, relating to Logistics and Marketing. The logistics aspect of the committee focuses on speaker outreach, event structure, and financing. Committee members not only brainstorm themes for the event, but also communicate with impactful speakers.

They decide on the structure of the event, including opportunities for general attendees to interact with speakers and corporate booths. The committee determines the financing of the conference by creating the budget and reaching out to corporate sponsors. The marketing aspect of the committee includes community outreach, engaging and developing relationships with organizations from other schools, local companies, and Duke organizations.
The committee manages SBC’s presence on social media platforms, explores audience engagement opportunities, and designs promotional materials.


Sara Mehta

T'23, Computer Science, Psychology


Jasmine Wen

T'23, Economics, Psychology Minor

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Helen Jennings

Ava LeWinter

T'22, Computer Science Economics Minor, Philosophy Politics and Economics Certificate

Vandita Garimella

T'22, Statistics, Economics Minor

Kyra Cooperman

T'23, Environmental Science and Policy, Computer Science Minor, Energy & Environment Certificate

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Emily Yang

T'25, Statistics, Computer Science

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Casey Syal

T'23, Biology, Computer Science, Computational Biology Minor

Feng Yan

T’24, Computer Science, Philosophy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

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Aadyaa Singhania

T’22, Biology, Psychology, Economics minor

Alyssa Jurewicz

T'23, Interdepartmental Major between Psychology and Visual & Media Studies, Markets and Management Certificate