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Chelsea is a data scientist for the City of LA, where she focuses on making data accessible to city employees and the public. She is most passionate about creating effective operational dashboards. She also experiments with tracking and dashboarding in her personal life and leads the Quantified Self LA chapter. Twitter: @pwnerchelsea.


What was the most surprising benefit of being a part of BOW?

Making friends! I've developed some great relationships through the BOW alumni network in Los Angeles.

Could you talk a little bit about what it is like to lay the groundwork to build a business?

Don't waste any time building something people don't want. The groundwork for building a business lies in conversations with (potential) customers and understanding their needs.

Why did you decide to pursue an MS degree and how has it factored into your career?

I developed a love for tracking and databases at the software company I worked at and wanted to learn whatever was important to know. I now actually understand the value of data and how to harness it, and it makes me so much more confident in my career.

Could you talk a little bit about how your summer internships influenced your career path?

The greatest value of my summer internships, frankly, was figuring out things I didn't want to do. That was super helpful.. wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

Do you have any advice for students trying to navigate their interests in consulting and healthcare?

Try it out and see what you like and don't like. I loved working at Epic (at least for a while), which combined both.

What is something interesting you’ve learned along the way?

Time management, email management, task management. It changed my life. This article is one pretty good guide, and I'm working on creating an online course on task management. Sign up here if you might be interested in helping me develop it!

What is your #1 interview tip?

Make a connection with the interviewer. Figure out what you have in common - people care a lot about hiring someone who is enthusiastic and who they want to spend time with, moreso than your skills.


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