The Entrepreneurship Committee aims to create programming that helps our members not only learn more about career options in the industry, but also learn how to apply an innovative mindset to everything they do. Our events are catered to all BOW members, and we strongly believe that they can utilize the resources provided even if they are not aspiring entrepreneurs. Between speaker series, startup workshops, networking events, site visits, and professional development sessions, we hope to create a space for women to stretch their creativity and think beyond the status quo. Our committee meets weekly to discuss how we can best support BOW members in their entrepreneurial endeavors and collaborate with other startup focused organizations on campus. This new committee and facet of BOW is rapidly growing. We are excited to see how our team and initiatives progress throughout this year!


Leigh Marshall

T'22, Public Policy, Psychology minor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate


"I joined the Entrepreneurship Committee because I am very passionate about entrepreneurship and want to plan events that empower and educate other women. So far, I have started and am currently running an instagram page (follow @dukebowxentrepreneurship!) that aims to feature female student entrepreneurs and provide resources for those who are interested in entrepreneurship but do not know where to start. I aim to plan more hands-on workshops, host more talks about interdisciplinary startups, and plan events that focus on the ethics and societal implications of businesses!"

- Hannah Abrams, T'23

"I joined the Entrepreneurship committee because I believe all of us have the potential to be innovators. I feel that it’s a lack of clarity about the path and support that exists for entrepreneurship that keeps many people from taking that leap. I want to help inform women that it’s not actually as hard as it looks, there are tons of resources for them, and that they are capable of creating anything they dream up."

-Isabella Almeida, T'22


"Working with BOW has been an extremely empowering aspect of my Duke experience, introducing me to a community of hard-working, passionate, and diverse females in all backgrounds and industries. On the Entrepreneurship committee, we aim to provide a space for female entrepreneurs to share their experiences in creating their own businesses."

-Varsha Bansal, T'23 

Hannah Abrams

T'23, Biology, Political Science minor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Varsha Bansal

T'23, Public Policy, Economics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Isabella Almeida

T’22, Public Policy, Chinese minor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate



Olivia Geraci

T’23, Public policy, Economics minor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate