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The Entrepreneurship Committee aims to create programming that helps our members not only learn more about career options in the industry, but also learn how to apply an innovative mindset to everything they do. Our events are catered to all BOW members, and we strongly believe that they can utilize the resources provided even if they are not aspiring entrepreneurs. Between speaker series, startup workshops, networking events, site visits, and professional development sessions, we hope to create a space for women to stretch their creativity and think beyond the status quo. Our committee meets weekly to discuss how we can best support BOW members in their entrepreneurial endeavors and collaborate with other startup focused organizations on campus. This new committee and facet of BOW is rapidly growing. We are excited to see how our team and initiatives progress throughout this year!


5CB09A9D-79E4-4A53-9326-5DC2DF5A64CB - Campbell Lawson.jpeg

Campbell Lawson

T'24, Public Policy & Economics Major

Priyanshi Ahuja

T'25, Computer Science & Statistics Major

Hannah Abrams

T'23, Biology Major, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

Carly Shatz

T'26, Economics Major, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Sophia Sacchetti

T'24, Public Policy & Economics Major

Christina Liang

T'24, Statistical Science & French Major

Ellen Liu

Grace Andrews

T'24, Public Policy Major, Markets & Management Certificate

Pari Goel

T'24, Psychology Major, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

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