The Technology committee has formed its own committee this year. We aim to provide our members with opportunities at the intersection of business and technology. As a growing interest and mindset, we want to re-envision and expand BOW's Tech community. Structurally, we plan across three spheres of the industry: fintech, health tech, and consumer tech. We cover 5 roles within these spheres: Software engineering, product management, UX/UI, data science, and tech consulting. Between panels, professional development sessions, access to resources, etc. we create a community for members to explore and grow their interest in technology.


Riya Gilja

T'21, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science minor


Megan​ Gendregske

P’21, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science minor

Amrita Lakhanpal

T'23, Computer Science, Spanish minor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Rachel Ma

T'22, Computer Science, Economics & Psychology minors

Sophia Rivadeneira

T'23, Computer Science, Psychology minor, Market and Management certificate

Della Sihite

T'23, Computer Science, Economics

Julia Ziaee

T’22,Computer Science, Neuroscience Minor