RedeSIGn Committee is a new initiative that redesigns the way we think about business for Socially, Impactful Good. We are a group of students with interdisciplinary interests and work at the intersection between business and social responsibility -- whether that be through impact investing, social innovation and entrepreneurship, venture capital, and more. Many believe that business and social responsibility are mutually exclusive, or that business is even the cause of social problems. But this myth is false -- companies today have already brought social responsibility into the forefront of their values. The business industry is one of the greatest creators of wealth, yet service is often left as work for the public and nonprofit sectors. But a third sector remains untapped, where private and public sectors can work together to address social problems. We are passionate about using forward-thinking business practices to address social problems.


Jessie Xu

T'22, Economics and Public Policy


Cristina Dalton

T'21, Psychology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Erica Wang

T'21, Economics, Political Science

Sayle Evarts

T'21, Public Policy Analysis, Economics minor

Megan Wang

T'22, Economics, Environmental Sciences minor

Helen Chen


Rafaela Rivero

T'22, International Comparative Studies, Economics minor, Markets & Management certificate

Sarah Hubner

T'21, Polotical Science and Global Health, Markets and Management certificate

Jane Zhang

T'23, Computer Science

Nicole Bonna

T'22, Public Policy, Cultural Anthropology minor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate

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