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BOW’s Business in Tech division is dedicated to educating members on the intersection between tech and business. Through events, opportunities, resources, and community, the Business in Tech division hopes to make tech feel more accessible to all members. BOW recognizes that the lack of diversity in tech is often what repels women away from it, which is why the Business in Tech committee is spearheading an Intro to Tech event series that will give an overview of the many roles encompassed by “tech,” including data science, product management, user experience, fintech, venture capital, tech consulting, etc. The series will also feature BOW alumni and industry professionals so they can share their diverse perspectives. Later in the semester, we are leading an Intro to Tech Recruiting series, which will consist of technical resume reviews, technical/behavioral interview prep, and upperclassmen recruiting panels. Throughout the year, we also share tech resources (articles, books, podcasts, etc.) and internship/full-time opportunities through our Business in Tech email listserv and resources + opportunities database. Finally, we hope to strengthen the sense of community among members interested in tech by encouraging discussion on experiences of racism/sexism in tech, ways to maintain your mental health while recruiting, as well as other topics.


Sophia Stameson 

T'24, Computer Science, Creative Writing Minor


Jenny Yan

T'25, Statistical Science and Economics Major, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Eavan Murray

T'24, Biomedical Engineering Major, Economics Minor

Charlotte Hallisey

T'24, Computer Science Major, Finance Minor

Hannah Choi

T'26, Computer Science and Statistics Major, Finance Minor

Cristina Sniffen

T'25, Computer Science Major, Italian and Statistics Minor

Abigail Eun

T'25, Computer Science and Public Policy Major

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