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BOW Leadership

BOW creates an environment where its members can thrive.

In our community, our members are given tools to develop as leaders, businesswomen, and individuals. Each year, several of our members serve on BOW's Executive Board to plan workshops, invite guest speakers to campus, form corporate sponsorships, carry out logistics, and more. The Executive Board strives to create the ultimate experience for Duke women interested in business by creating programming across all industries and skill sets.

Executive Leadership

Natalie Shammas

T '18, Psychology, Sociology minor, Markets and Management certificate | Bio

Marielle Rodgers

Executive Vice President
T '18, Economics, certificate Decision Sciences | Bio

Division Vice Presidents

Jenny Zhang

VP Professional Development
T '19, Economics, Psychology | Bio

Grace Peterson

VP Events: Finance and Consulting
T '19, Economics, Creative Writing minor | Bio

Alli Leiva

VP Events: Diversified Industries
T '20, Economics and History | Bio

Mary Ziemba

VP Communications
T '18, Computer Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate | Bio

Ariel Burde

VP Membership
T '19, History, Neuroscience minor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate| Bio

Carly Bandt

VP Finance
T '18, Public Policy, Economics minor, Markets and Management certificate | Bio

Michelle Chen

VP Mentorship
T '18, Computer Science, Economics minor | Bio

Helen Lu

VP Entrepreneurship
T '18, Economics, Chemistry minor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate | Bio

Ekim Buyuk

VP Alumni Relations
T '19, Statistics and Economics | Bio

Whitney Hazard

VP Events: General Body Meetings
T '18, Public Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate, Information Science certificate | Bio

Divisional Chairs

Anya Bali

Communications Chair
T '19, Psychology, Computer Science minor | Bio

Archana Ahlawat

Technology Chair
T '19, Computer Science and Political Science | Bio

Shruti Rao

Alumni Relations Chair
T '18, Global Value Chains, Design and Technology, Decision Sciences certificate | Bio

Sonia Hernandez

Spring Business Conference Chair
T '19, Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate | Bio

Hayden Manseau

Membership Chair
T '20, Public Policy, Psychology minor, Markets and Management certificate | Bio

Angela Zhou

Logistics Chair
T '20, Environmental Science, Finance minor, Political Science minor | Bio

Gillian Samios

Lean-In Chair
T '20, Public Policy, French minor, Markets and Management certificate | Bio

Mika Deshmukh

Mentorship Chair
T '19, Visual Media Studies and Romance Studies | Bio